Cassian Baliarsingh

Did you recently fail to crack a job interview? Did something go wrong during your most recent job interview? In some cases, the situation is beyond your control.

For instance, the interviewers didn’t like your personality or their expectations did not match your skill. However, an interview depends on a lot of things like being prepared, acting confident, and showing enthusiasm.

A former recruiter of Google has revealed the No. 1 thing that people require to crack an interview. Nolan Church, former recruiter with Google and DoorDash shared that the aspirants should have proper knowledge about the company they are applying to and the role.

Church emphasised that showing ‘lack of preparedness’ sends the wrong message and fails to demonstrate genuine interest in the job. Church also highlighted another red flag and said that many candidates say a lot of words but nothing meaningful.

He advised that before going for an interview, a candidate should peruse the company’s website and its Linkedln page, familiarize with its mission and goals, and thoroughly read the description.

Speaking about the candidates who impress him, Church said, “The best candidates that I met are the ones from whom I’m always learning something, the candidates who value continuous learning and meaningful contributions.”

For the unversed, Nolan Church is the CEO of Continuum and former recruiter with Google and DoorDash.