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Being overwhelmed by the quantum of work in the office is a daunting challenge most of us face everyday. But there are simple ways to overcome these challenges smoothly and help enhance your performance on a day-to-day basis. Here are a few work management tips that will lead to increase in productivity and add value to your work.

1. Set productivity challenges for yourself

Try to do just a little bit more in the same amount of time than you already do, without compromising quality. This will increase your engagement and energy for your work while improving your performance. Try to go a step beyond your daily work target and you will end up finishing more work than you thought was possible. 

2. Use feedback for improvement

The first step to improving your work performance is to implement any constructive criticism you receive during performance reviews. Getting feedback on your performance is not only a great way to identify in which area you need improvement, but also to learn more about your employer and how to become an indispensable employee. 

3. Use an hourly planner

It's not uncommon for to-do lists to grow too long. If you have an hourly planner, you can assign each task a timeframe and note when it should be completed within that. When you realise that you have more tasks to complete in a day than time in a day, you can adjust your schedule accordingly. As a result, you will be able to give clients and managers realistic deadlines in the beginning and meet them, thereby limiting delays in work.

4. Learn from top performers

Take note of people who are consistently receiving praise and reaching top metrics in a similar role or your workplace. Observe their strategies and use them to improve your own performance. You can discuss with them the challenges you are facing in the role and as a team.

5. Stay organised

The more organised you are, the easier it is to stay on top of your tasks and find the things you need to do your job. You should set up your computer, inbox, file storage, desktop and smartphone so that they are all organised in a manner that will make you the most productive. It is important to be able to find files or apps quickly without spending time looking. 

If you follow the aforementioned suggestions they are sure to benefit you and enhance your performance at work.