Pradeep Singh

Breaking through the barrier and achieving dreams always need hard work and dedication. And the very moment when you achieve your goal, all the pain and hardships just fade away. Similar is the story of Kartika Gehlot of Jodhpur who is all set to become a judge.

Kartika Gehlot, who is the daughter of a driver employed at the Jodhpur branch of the Rajasthan High court, recently cracked the Rajasthan Judicial Services exam. She secured 66th rank in the judicial exam, making her parents proud.

Sharing her inspirational journey, Kartika said that she had to switch to an online edutech app during the Covid pandemic and it helped her a lot. "When Covid hit, I enrolled myself in online courses of Utkarsh app, and it helped me a lot in my preparation," she said.

Kartika said that she always maintained a flexible schedule for preparation but her consistency was the key. "On a daily-basic, I spent at least 3-4 hours preparing for the exam. However, when the exam dates were out, I gave 10-12 hours every day, but I mostly did revisions by this time," she said.

"I want to give credit to my parents first for fueling the passion in me and showing the right direction, and secondly, to this App which not only helped me a lot but also provided the best education in those difficult times," she added.