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Got a cushy, well-paying job? Don’t allow your sloppy conduct and unpunctuality to take it away from you. Remember that your attitude, negativity and body language have as much impact in a workplace as your skills and brilliance at completing your work when it comes to retaining a cool job. Listed below are some bad work habits that you could do well to leave behind, if you’ve to move ahead:

1. Inappropriate Body Language

Do you have a habit of rolling your eyes? Do you have a shaky grip? Do you shy away from making eye contact? These are all potential career killers. Understand that actions speak louder than words. And we humans communicate, the majority of the time through nonverbal cues. Some of our nonverbal communication habits may be perceived as rude or unprofessional by coworkers, managers or clients, and this could have a significant impact on career advancement.

2. Consistently Arriving Late

Although each office and culture defines punctuality differently, it's a good rule to not keep people waiting for you. Arriving late undermines your professionalism, makes you appear sloppy and is disrespectful to your coworkers or whoever you're meeting with.

3. A Bad Attitude

Negativity and bad attitudes are toxic. Don't be the one who brings everyone else down. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything. A toxic employee whose attitude has a negative impact on the office and productivity will be the first to be let go from the team.

4. Poor Decision Making

Forwarding inappropriate emails to your boss or making unprofessional comments about a coworker are just two examples of how poor judgement can land you in hot water. Even if your office is casual, err on the side of caution and professionalism at work. Make prudent, conservative decisions about your behaviour while at work and conversing with coworkers.

5. Putting Off Tasks

Time management is essential for a successful career. Someone who waits until the last minute to complete their work risks submitting sloppy work and possibly missing their deadline. When you're given a large project with a tight deadline, make a work schedule ahead of time and stick to it.

6. Lack Of Concentration

Your hard-working colleagues will notice if you spend all day on social media or talking to your friends. If everyone is paid the same, everyone should be putting in the same number of hours. Maintain focus on your work and avoid distractions such as Facebook if you want a successful career.

These are only some of the most obvious work habits that could make the difference between your having a job or none in the long run. Do not let your great career slide because you want to hold onto a bad habit.