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  • Tara Ghahremani had won the coveted Global Child Prodigy Awards in the ‘Musician’ category in 2020

As India celebrates the historic 75th year of Independence, a video of an Iranian girl playing the country's famous national anthem on a santoor is giving goosebumps to millions of Indians.

The captivating rendition of the Jana Gana Mana shared by the girl Tara Ghahremani of the west Asian country is winning hearts of the crores of people across the world.

Apart from wishing a 'Happy Independence Day' to Indians, Tara also touched upon her experience of travelling to India.

“Enjoyed traveling to #India and enjoyed how people there, are kind, diligent, pleased and happy. They were unparalleled in hospitality. Thanks to @gcpawards for inviting me to India and making all these good memories,” she wrote on her Insta page.



The soulful melody of the Jana Gana Mana has earned the 13-year-old girl many plaudits online with people expressing their delight at her touching composition.

IFS officer Sudha Ramen also shared the video on her Twitter page expressing gratitude to the little girl. 

The Indian Embassy in Iran also too took to Twitter to share her video playing the Indian National Anthem.


Reports say that Tara is not only known in her home country for her beautiful renditions on santoor but she is a recognized child prodigy in the international level. In 2020, she had won the coveted Global Child Prodigy Awards in the ‘Musician’ category.

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