Sharmili Mallick

The number of fatalities due to the landslides and floods in Petropolis, a town in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state, has increased 130, according to local authorities.

The latest report from the local Civil Defense agency on Friday also said the number of people reported missing has almost doubled to over 200, since heavy rains on Tuesday caused rivers to overflow, triggering the massive landslides that destroyed many homes, reports Xinhua news agency.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who took an aerial survey of the disaster-hit area at noon on Friday, said it looked like a "war scene", and ordered relevant authorities to take a series of measures.

Firefighters said it was still possible to rescue people alive four days after the disaster, though weather conditions slowed rescue efforts by making it difficult to use heavy machinery to move earth and rubble.

The Brazilian government is expected to release some 500 million reais ($95 million) in emergency relief for the affected area.