There have been reports that an oil depot had been blown up at Vasylkiv Air Base. The city which sits around 40 kilometers south west of Kyiv, close to a key airport, Daily Mail reported.

A gas pipeline was also blown up in Kharkiv, a city in eastern Ukraine which sits close to the Russian border, the report said.

Video footage showed a mushroom cloud filling the city's sky as the fuel line was destroyed, with a group of people, who filmed the clip, heard exclaiming with shock as the ball of flames erupted into the sky. It is unclear if anyone was injured or killed by either blast, Daily Mail reported.

Ukrainian media shared footage of flames and black clouds billowing into the sky at the site of the Vasylkiv attack as the fuel burned. It has also since shared a clip of the moment the oil depot was struck, with a bright white glow filling the darkened night sky as the fuel store ignited, Daily Mail reported.

Two Ukrainian cities were rocked by Russian blasts in the early hours of Sunday as Vladimir Putin stepped up his invasion -- after it was claimed he has been infuriated by his army's lack of progress.

And the UN released the first official death toll Sunday, saying that at least 240 civilians have so-far been killed in the conflict.

On Saturday night, an unidentified woman became the latest victim of the conflict after a Russian artillery shell struck a nine-story residential apartment block in Kharkiv, killing her as she sat inside, Daily Mail reported.