Cassian Baliarsingh

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife has now filed for divorce from her second husband whom she had married after her split from the former world’s richest man.

MacKenzie Scott, one of world’s richest and most influential philanthropists, had married a science teacher Dan Jewett in 2019 after her divorce.

"We ask the court to dissolve our marriage," Scott said in a petition filed at King County Superior Court in Washington State. The document shows the couple has a contract spelling out how to divide real estate and other personal property. "Spousal support is not needed," it adds.



Scott was worth $28.9 billion after her divorce with Bezos, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 
She met the science teacher and developed a relationship with him. She later announced her marriage to Jewett last year via her page for the Giving Pledge.

Worth mentioning, Scott took control of a $36 billion fortune after her divorce from Bezos. She was also left with 4% stake in Amazon.

Earlier this year, Scott said her team was working on building a website that will include a searchable database of her grants.



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