Dozens of Afghan women from all walks of live held a protest in Kabul demanding the Taliban to provide government jobs and equal representation in society, the media reported.

Some women who participated in Wednesday's protest were former employees of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, who lost their jobs following the Taliban takeover last August, TOLO News reported.

One such participant, Ferozan Amiri, said: "We the women working in the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, and the 28 percent active force of the government department, have suffered major damage with the fall of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban's ruling on government departments on August 15, 2021."

The protesters also released a resolution which comprised five points -- allowing females to work; women's meaningful inclusion in the government's decision-making body about women's affairs; formation of policies to support women's rights; preservation of posts which were occupied by women; and the creation of a safe environment for women.

"Women are concerned over the fate of jobs in the (Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission). You know, this institution is neutral. Around 28 per cent of the civil service is filled by women," TOLO News quoted another protester, Khujusta Ilham, as saying.

Meanwhile, Taliban officials have said that there has been no decision to exclude women from the government structure.

"The issue of women's working activity in (government) departments is under discussion. After an assessment, if the women's presence is needed in any department, they will be working in the same posts and the same departments," said Bilal Karimi, a deputy spokesman for Taliban.

To consider the recognition of the current Afghan government, the international community requires the observation of human rights, women rights, and the formation of an inclusive government.

Afghan Universities To Reopen, Female Students Included: Taliban

Meanwhile, the Taliban-led government will soon reopen universities across the country for both male and female students, but classes will be separate for boys and girls, a Minister said here.

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021, universities have remained shut, TOLO News reported.

Minister of Higher Education Abdul Baqi Haqqani made the remarks while speaking to the media on Wednesday, without however giving an exact date for the reopening.

The Minister blamed the ongoing economic crisis and the lack of segregated classes for male and female students as reasons for the delay in reopening the universities.

He also claimed that the Taliban would form an international university, which will include "Shariah, Medical, Agriculture and Engineering programs. Masters and PhD degrees will be offered in these four areas".

According to Haqqani, some regional countries pledged to provide educational scholarships for the Afghan students.

Meanwhile, some university students said they have been living in uncertainty for the past six months since the shutdown, TOLO News reported.

"These six months were a long period and will affect the student's motivation," said Matiullah Pirozi, a student.

"We are shocked that they cannot form a scheme in six months. The scheme could be easily formed," said Mohammad Hilal, another student.