Mrunal Manmay Dash

A selfless act goes far. And when it comes from a homeless beggar for the almighty, the act of generosity becomes an act of charity.

Tula Behera from Phulbani in Kandhamal did exactly that and surprised everybody by donating her life savings of Rs 1 lakh in the service of God.

While displaying the selfless act, her love for Lord Jagannath made her donate all her money for renovation of an old temple for the Lord at Phulbani in Odisha. And the timing of the donation could not have been any better than Dhanu Sankranti.

As per reports, Behera has been begging for alms on the streets of Phulbani for years. With no near or dear ones to ask about her whereabouts, she has surrendered herself at the feet of Lord Jagannath and has long been thinking to return the ‘favour’ to her beloved Lord.

When the bank informed her that her savings in the account has crossed Rs 1 lakh, she took it as an opportunity to do something for Lord Jagannath. She urged the Temple Management to accept the money as donation. Though the Temple management was initially hesitant to accept the money from a beggar, in the end they agreed, making Behera’s wish a reality.

Asked about the donation, Behera said, “I was saving the money for years by begging for alms. I neither have any parents nor any children. Even I am at the last stage of my life. I do not need any money. In fact, if I could do any service for Lord Jagannath, I will feel the purpose of my life on this earth has been fulfilled.”

“I have surrendered myself to Lord Jagannath since long. I do not want anything more. He has brought me this far, I am sure he will take care of me,” Behera said.

A member of the Temple Management Committee said, “When she approached me, I was reluctant to take the money from her. But she insisted and the Committee finally accepted it from her on the auspicious day of Dhanu Sankranti.”

Ask any religious person and they will swear by God’s name that everything that is happening around us is by the direction of the Almighty. Even when it comes to building the Lord's own abode, he orchestrates some out-of-the-ordinary scenarios which not only bemuse his devotees but surprise the atheists too.

(Reported By Trinath Sahu, OTV)