Sangati Jogwar

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  • When you are eating and watching a television/ OTT show simultaneously, focus shifts from eating to watching
  • That is why you fail to realise how much you are eating.

Multitasking has become an integral part of today’s fast-paced life. It is just normal for everyone to scroll a tab or a cell phone while sipping a coffee or having breakfast. No one finds it surprising or wrong when you are grabbing a few pieces of food while discussing something important during meetings. But working while eating or even watching shows and series during lunch or dinner is not good for health.

A leading nutritionist Apurwa Agrawal has even said that eating while watching television can make you fall sick. Hence what you do while eating should be taken seriously.

You end up eating more

When you are eating and watching a television or OTT show simultaneously, your focus shifts from eating to watching the content. That is why you fail to realise how much you are eating and it can lead to overeating. You are not aware whether your body is giving a signal of fullness or hunger and hence you end up eating more than your satiety level. It can lead to digestive discomfort as well as weight gain .

Binging on junk food

When you are engrossed in watching a show or a serial your main focus is on the content and more often you overlook what is on your plate. Apart from overeating you may also make wrong choices and settle for junk food items such as snacks, chips, cookies, and sodas can lead to weight gain.

Risk of being obese

When you overeat or binge on junk food there are full chances of you being obese. Such habits make you obese, slow down your metabolic rate, and can decrease your level of satiety.

Mindful eating is good for health

When you focus your attention on eating, you know exactly how much and what you are eating. It puts you at less risk of overeating as well as being obese. It also ensures that you feel more happy and satisfied after eating which is one of the prime reasons apart from hunger why everyone wants to eat.