Suryakant Jena

A security guard posted at a government hospital in Odisha has invited serious trouble by administering an injection to a patient. The incident which has happened at Angul District Headquarters hospital has now stoked serious questions on the ground level implementation of Odisha government's strict guidelines.

A video of the incident which has now gone viral on social media platforms is believed to be two days old. The footage showed a security guard administering an injection to a patient in distress despite the presence of doctors, paramedics at the health institution.

Asked for an explanation, medical ADMO Manas Ranjan Biswal said that that he would only be able to comment anything on the incident after a thorough probe into the matter.

While this is not an isolated incident because several incidents of such recklessness and unprofessionalism in healthcare had earned infamy in Odisha earlier, it is for the first time such an episode has taken place despite the State government's caution against patient handling by non-health personnel in govt facilities.

The visual of the incident has attracted serious criticism from all around with many seeking public explanation by the authorities of the hospital on how and under what circumstances did the security guard administered the drug to a patient at the hospital.

While many have disliked the security guard's role of taking undue risk into his own hands, they have blamed the in-charge doctor and other health professionals at the department of the hospital for the irresponsible incident. 

It may be noted here that just a few days ago, Odisha government had issued a circular warning the administration of all major State-run healthcare facilities to take care so as not to engage any non-healthcare personnel in assisting the treating doctors or paramedics in the process of treatment.