• Sunday, October 01, 2023
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  • These three ingredients help get rid of dry, pigmented and parched lips

These three ingredients help get rid of dry, pigmented and parched lips

Exposure to cosmetics, pollution and other factors often leads to discoloration, dryness and darkening of the lips. But don’t worry - a simple homemade scrub will restore their pink colour and bring back suppleness to your lips.

Odishatv Bureau
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LipsPhotoPhoto: Unsplash

Get smooth and supple lips with simple DIY scrub

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Have you ever observed how your lips start to get dry, dull, and dark over time and lose their pink colour and softness? It is because they are more delicate,  lack sebaceous glands, facial hair and sweat glands. Exposure to cosmetics, pollution, poor habits of licking and biting lips, the formation of melanin and inadequate oxygenation can lead to lip discoloration, pigmentation, dryness and darkening of lips.

The lips are particularly sensitive to touch, warmth, and cold because they are densely packed with nerves with only 3-6 layers of cells, as compared to 16 layers of skin over the body. Your lips' are rosy pink or red because there are fewer layers and the blood vessels are so close to the surface. 

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Since the lips are a fragile element, we need to take extra care of them. For that, nothing can beat the powerful pinky punch of beetroot to make lips appear naturally pink. Vitamin C-infused beetroot has a reputation for clearing and softening lips. Additionally, it lessens pigmentation, leaving the lips naturally pink and supple. It is also known for curing chapped lips in winter. 

A quick DIY beetroot scrub can help in removing the dead skin cells and plumps them without much effort. 

Here’s how you can make the scrub:

In a mixing bowl, take 1 tsp each of powdered sugar and grated beetroot. Add 2 tsp olive oil to the sugar mixture. Mix everything well and gently scrub on your lips for two minutes. Then clean the lips with a cotton wipe and apply your favourite hydrating lip balm.

Beetroot is a natural exfoliant and this homemade scrub will leave your lips looking smoother and more vibrant.

Everyone loves healthy, pink, plump and hydrated lips and this easy DIY home scrub will ensure that they remain so.