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Even though prescription headache medications are available to reduce headaches, they don't always eliminate the symptoms. You can reduce your headache with several common and simple lifestyle habits without ever taking a pill.

1. Massage therapy

Massages are not only luxurious, they are also incredibly therapeutic. Sometimes headaches occur as a result of muscle strain caused by poor posture or a rigorous workout routine. Stress reduction and muscle relaxation may be possible with massage therapy. Invest some time in researching the different types of massages (Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, etc) and obtaining reliable referrals to practitioners near you who can effectively treat your particular pains.

2. Hot/cold applications

Hot and/or cold compresses can provide relief from muscle tension headaches. If you want the cold compresses to work, place the ice in a plastic bag covered with a thin cloth to keep the ice from damaging your skin. Apply the cold packs to your forehead and/or cheeks. Basically, apply it where there is the greatest pain. Just be sure not to apply the cold packs for more than 10 minutes at a time.

If you need a hot pack, you can buy one from a drugstore or make one yourself with uncooked rice. Fill a small pillowcase or piece of fabric with 2/3 portion with uncooked rice and sew or tie the open ends together. Microwave the rice for one minute when needed. Apply to your forehead to feel heat. This relieves the headache to a large degree.

3. Aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, certain smells are studied for their ability to trigger positive and even healing responses in the brain. Some scents have been reported to soothe and decrease the frequency of headaches. They include peppermint extract, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil. They can be found in many local health food stores or online.

4. Acupuncture

The purpose of acupuncture is to promote energy flow through the application of fine, sharp needles to key areas of the body. It's believed to stimulate the body's natural pain-relieving compounds and has been shown to reduce headache intensity and frequency.

5. Soothing teas

It is a great way to wind down at night to enjoy a steaming cup of herbal tea because it is warm and comforting. This soothing effect may also cause headaches and relieve pain. Chamomile, ginger, and dandelion are all popular for relaxation. Keeping in mind that herbs can interact with medical conditions and medications, it is important to consult your doctor before drinking them. 

Hope the above-mentioned hacks will help you deal with the headaches and severe pain.