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While most dogs don't show signs of depression, vets and behaviourists want owners to be aware of the signs. If you are ready to support your dog through a difficult period, you will be able to help her overcome it too.

How to know if your dog is depressed?

Dogs can exhibit symptoms very similar to humans, ranging from withdrawing from social situations to being quieter than usual. Some of the evident signs of depression in dogs include:

  • Showing low activity levels 
  • No interest in doing things they usually enjoy - like chasing birds or squirrels 
  • Change in eating routine
  • Spending more amount of time sleeping
  • Continuous howling or whining indicates signs of distress or aggression
  • Excessive licking, mainly of the paws
  • Flattening of the ears
  • Less or no interaction with other dogs
  • Acting bored and frustrated
  • Barking more or acting strangely

It can be challenging to understand what they are suffering from, since the communication is non-verbal. Here’s how you can help is such situations

1. Offer your dog more attention 

One of the most effective ways to help your depressed dog is by ensuring he/she gets more attention. It will surely help them come out of their shell.

2. Keep your dog active 

A regular walk will ensure that your dog's mental and physical health is robust. Spending time in the fresh air will lighten his/her mood. Your dog may initially be reluctant for his walk or daily run, but over time, they will look forward to the activity.

3. Socialising 

You might try encouraging your dog to socialise with other furry friends if your dog is feeling down. They are naturally social creatures, so you might want to give them an opportunity to play with other dogs.

4. Keep a regular routine

If you can maintain a routine for your pet, that should be able to ease them back into their regular routines as soon as possible. This may include taking them out for a walk at the same time each afternoon or telling them when dinner is ready.

Pet parents actually start thinking of their dogs as family and cannot see their furry BFF suffer. These tips may help you understand the pet’s moods better. You can also consult the vet to understand your pet’s temperament, to help him overcome depression.