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You can improve the transition to sleep and relieve insomnia by increasing your bedtime routine. Additionally, you will be able to wake up with a fresh start every morning. Discover some of the best ways to relax before bedtime that can help you sleep well.


There are many people who read before going to bed. Though it has always been considered relaxing to read at bedtime, and there are many people who get away with this without consequence, novels or long reads should be avoided. Magazines are a nice alternative with short articles that can be put aside when sleep beckons. It is best to read pleasure books rather than work-related material. When the same sentence doesn't sink in, it's probably time to turn the lights out and go to sleep.

Listening to music

Listening to music before bed can be really calming. Your personal preference should drive your genre choice, however many individuals find classical music to be tranquil and pleasant.

Taking a bath or a shower

Research suggests that taking a warm shower or bath before bed might improve sleep. Bathing in the evening can have an impact on body temperature, which subsequently aids sleep.

Watching TV or a movie

It might be enjoyable to relax at the end of the day by resting on the sofa or a comfortable chair while watching television. Avoid choosing a show that is very thrilling or that goes on too late. It will be simpler to go to bed when the time comes if you watch a familiar movie since you won't be as fascinated by it. It is preferable to keep screens away from your eyes, if possible.

Prayer or meditation

Daily prayer or mantra recitation might help to clear the mind. These can be adapted to your preferred faith. To relax, some people utilise guided imagery. 

The suggestions made above can help you in having a wonderful bedtime every night. You can choose the activities based on your preferences.