Pradeep Pattanayak

At a time when SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack is being transformed into a world-class health institution, its two CT Scan machines going defunct has raised many eyebrows. 

Investigation reveals that the SCBMCH has two CT Scan machines. While one has been lying defunct for a week now, the second one at the X-Ray department went out of the order yesterday, thanks to the extra pressure on it. 

The X-Ray department CT Scan machine going defunct has only aggravated the patients’ sufferings. People from all parts of the State and out of the State as well come to the SCBMCH with the hope of getting better facilities. But after reaching here, they see all their hopes turning into despair. 

With both the machines lying defunct, patients, particularly the poor ones, are at their receiving end. While poor people have no other option but to wait for the machine to be made operational, those who have money and serious patients are visiting the private clinics, coughing up some extra bucks. 

“We (she and her husband) are from Anandapur in Keonjhar district. Yesterday we visited the SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack. I had earlier undergone a kidney operation. The doctor prescribed for CT Scan. When we went to the CT Scan department, there we were told that the machine was not functioning and asked to wait till noon. Then we were asked to wait till evening. Again we were told to come tomorrow. As it would be a costly affair for us to go to our village and come again today, we preferred to spend the night on the verandah. Today also we have been asked to wait till 2 pm,” rued a woman patient. 

Now, questions are being raised as to why the authorities didn’t get the first CT Scan machine repaired when the entire load was being put on the second machine. 

In this regard, the SCBMCH authorities are yet to come up with their reaction.