Pradeep Pattanayak

Stand-up comedian Raju Srivastava suffering a heart attack while working out at a gym has forced many to ponder over why celebrities are increasingly suffering cardiac arrest. 

Recently, Kannada film Industry’s superstar Puneeth Rajkumar (47), tele actor Sidhharth Shukla (40) and Singer KK (53) lost their lives to heart attacks. 

Now questions are arising that why celebrities are becoming victims of heart attacks and what are the reasons that are making them more vulnerable? 

Is it their excess workout at gyms to keep them fit and fine to be blamed for them being susceptible to heart attacks? Many think so. 

Comedian Raju suffered heart attack while working out at a gym. Now he is undergoing treatment at AIIMS, Delhi. The same had happened to Puneeth Rajkumar. While working out at a gym in the morning he suffered cardiac arrest. Though he was immediately rushed to the hospital he could not be saved. 

According to the Cardiology Society of India, heart attack is claiming one aged between 35 to 50 every minute in India. 25 percent of the total persons who died due to heart failure falls under 35 or less age group. 

Earlier, it used to be said that elders were more vulnerable to heart attacks. But this conception no longer holds ground as youths are falling victim to this. 

If some health experts are to be believed, it is the workout for a longer duration that has made youths more prone to heart attacks. These days a common practice is seen among youngsters. To have an attractive hero-like figure, they are spending more time in gyms. 

They don’t stop here. They are also taking different types of steroids to get the desired result. Here, they are doing mistakes. 

Taking steroids may prove fatal, warned health experts. 

A recent survey reveals 30 lakh gym-going people are taking steroids and what surprises many is that 73 percent of them fall under 16 to 35 age group.