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Air pollution is a slow poison that we breathe every day. The majority of that poisonous, lethal pollution is made up of tiny particulate matter, or PM2.5, which originates from several sources, including industry, agriculture, the combustion of fossil fuels, dust storms, and other sources. The entire percentage of stillbirths worldwide attributed to air pollution has now been calculated for the first time through analysis. In a re-evaluation of previously gathered data and published studies on stillbirths and air pollution from 137 nations, the researchers found that over 40% of the annual stillbirth rate in those countries, or around 830,000 out of 2.09 million, was due to exposure to fine particle pollution.

Researchers used data on 46,391 pregnancies from 13,870 individuals from Demographic and Health Surveys collected between 1998 and 2016 across Asia and Africa to draw their results. A control group and a group of pregnancies that resulted in stillbirths were created. After that, they calculated each subject's exposure to air pollution based on their place of residence and took into account their surroundings and demographics. 

Pregnant women should do this to prevent still childbirth

1. Do not miss your prenatal checkups

You should make sure to attend all of your prenatal checkups. It is necessary to do some tests and measures that can spot possible issues at particular times.  Attending every visit will also allow your midwife to provide you with pertinent details as your pregnancy progresses.

2. Eat well and exercise regularly
Try to replace unhealthy meals with better ones, and make an effort to stay active. Obesity or being overweight might raise the chance of complications during pregnancy. 

3. Spend the night on your side
According to previous research based on stillbirths, sleeping on the back after 28 weeks of pregnancy increases a pregnant woman’s chance of having a stillborn child.  This is assumed to be related with the baby's blood and oxygen supply. The best position for safety is to lie on your side, either on your left or right. If you wake up on your back, do not panic; simply turn over to sleep on your side.

There are numerous pregnancy difficulties that might arise, but in order to prevent stillbirth, one needs to have a thorough grasp of all of these scenarios, as well as many more.

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