Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Not all detox drinks can be good for your health.
  • The latest report suggests that certain detox drinks made by blending fruits and vegetables can be harmful to health.

Detox treatments and therapies are on the rise in the world with many people trying out newer ways to detox their bodies after eating junk food during parties or long vacations. Although body detox is extremely helpful for keeping the body healthy and rejuvenated, taking extreme measures or using detox drinks without the guidance of health experts can prove hazardous to health.

Importantly, people with certain chronic health issues like liver or kidney problems can be at risk if they take detox drinks made by blending vegetables and fruits randomly.

YouTube and WhatsApp doctors have immense following

There are thousands of health channels that are currently run on WhatsApp and YouTube. People offer all types of advice including remedies and treatments even for some serious health conditions on their social media channels.

Many of these people do not have a medical background and just go on offering suggestions that can prove harmful in the long run.

The latest fad is drinking detox drinks made by blending gooseberries, spinach, beetroot, and some other leafy vegetables. Many social media promoters have been promoting it as the best detox drink for the liver.

However, health experts have found out that if it is consumed for a long period of time it can lead to oxalate kidney injury and after that, the kidney takes a lot of time to recover and in some cases may not recover fully.

More often such drinks are consumed to lose weight quickly but they can do more harm than good to health.

Garima Goyal, a registered dietitian recently said that such detox drinks affect the metabolism of the body and people with kidney or liver diseases need to consume such fruit and vegetable detox drinks with caution as such drinks also cause the production of oxalate in the body.