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Donald Trump, a former US president and businessman, has debuted in the NFT arena. The collection in discussion is titled "the Trump Digital Trading Cards." It shows Donald Trump dressed as a superhero, an astronaut, a sheriff from the Old West, a Nascar driver, etc.

Similar to the popular and treasured baseball cards, these NFTs feature cartoon pictures of the billionaire businessman. The news was made on Thursday, through the social media platform Truth Social, which the billionaire launched last year.

The social media platform, Truth Social, posted an animated representation starring Donald Trump standing in front of the Trump Tower in New York City, ripping apart his shirt to reveal a superhero suit emblazoned with the letter T while shooting lasers from his eyes.
The 45,000 fantasy NFTs are issued on Polygon and cost $99 (£81) each. They can be bought either with ether (ETH) or with fiat money.

As soon as these digital fantasy cards were posted online, over 45,000 NFTs were sold out in just over 12 hours, raising $4.45 million at a price of $99 each, as per the data collection from OpenSea. Nearly 14,000 people bought Donald Trump's online tokens. 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are tokens that serve as proof of ownership for digital assets on a blockchain.

The company that organised the collection, NFT INT, asserts on its website that none of the funds raised with the help of NFT tokens will be used for Trump's 2024 presidential campaign. Moreover it stated that neither Trump nor his business possess NFT INT.