• Monday, October 02, 2023
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The Lord Has Recovered From Illness, Ready For Rath Yatra

Following their stay in Anasara Ghara & treatment by a host of potions, Lord Jagannath & his siblings have recovered from fever

Mrunal Manmay Dash
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srimandir-newPhotoPhoto: File

Srimandir, Puri

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Puri: Lord Jagannath and his siblings fully recovered from ailment on Tuesday after staying in 'Anasara Ghara' (Quarantine Home) for 15 days. Now, the Lord is ready to undertake the nine-day sojourn to his aunt's house on July 12.

He along with his siblings were administered a variety of potions including the Phuluri oil to help them recover from the fever. But Dasamula Modak was the final remedy that is believed to have completely cured the deities during the quarantine period.

Daitapati servitors informed Gajapati Maharaj Dibyasingha Deb about the Holy Trinity's recovery from illness today. They gave the offerings to Lord Jagannath during his stay in the Anasara House. The medicines-- Karala, Srichandan and Silk garment--- were presented to Maharaj on a silver plate who was informed of the Lord's recovery.

On Dwadasi Tithi (Tuesday), servitors took out a procession to convey the good news to Gajapati Maharaj about the recovery of the deities. The ritual also known as the Raja Prasad Bije was held under strict observance of Covid guidelines.

The earlier rituals were followed by Ghanalagi on Tuesday. The Banakalagi Niti will be held on the 14th day of the Anasara period (Wednesday). The day after that, the Lords are decked up for a new look on Nabajouban Darshan and ready to embark on the nine-day sojourn to Gundicha Temple.

In a related development, Gajapati Maharaj Dibyasingha Deb has agreed to conduct the Chera Pahanra (The Holy Sweeping) during Rath Yatra after remaining absent during the Snana Yatra.

Speaking about his decision, the King said that he gives more importance to Rath Yatra over Snana Yatra, so decided to conduct the Chera Pahanra in Rath Yatra.