Pradeep Pattanayak

Devotees’ wait to have a glimpse of the Holy Trinity seated on the Snana Mandap (Bathing Altar) on the auspicious occasion of Snana Purnima in the holy town of Puri will end on Tuesday, after a gap of two years. The Snana Purnima was observed without devotees’ participation for two years due to the prevailing pandemic situation. 

With Just one day left for the festival, Srimandir has come alive with all sorts of activities relating to it. The bedecked bathing altar is now waiting for the arrival of the Trinity. 

Meanwhile, arrangements for hassle-free darshan of lords are in place. 

“We have been waiting eagerly to see the lords on the bathing altar for two years,”  said Kajal Banerjee, a devotee. 

“To make sure how devotees should have a hassle-free darshan, the district administration, police administration and SJTA have made elaborate arrangements. About 50 platoon police forces will be deployed to maintain law and order situation,” informed Puri SP, K V Singh. 

Keeping the congregation of a large number of devotees in view, this year, for the first time two types of barricades have been erected on the grand road, starting from Market Square to Srimandir. One is meant for those who want to watch from the grand road and the second one is meant for those who want to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath and Lord Balabhadra in ‘Hati Besha’ from the temple side. 

Similarly, for parking, parking spaces have been identified and arrangements are in place. 

Back at the temple, Daitapati servitors have entered the temple today, on the occasion of  Champak Dwadashi. These servitors will be in the temple from Snana Purnima to Niladree Bije. For ‘Senapata Lagi’ ritual, ‘Baula Katha’, (wood of Spanish Cherry) from Bakula Bana, Satyabadi has already been arrived at the temple. 

Since ‘Senapata Lagi’ is a secret ritual, performed to protect the Lords’ bodies which will begin on Monday morning and will continue till noon, darshan will be suspended during this period, informed member of Srimandir Managing Committee Madhab Mahapatra. 

As per the fixed timetable, the ‘Pahandi’ ritual will begin at 4 am and come to an end by 6 am. 

“The timetable has been finalised. We have already conducted joint and individual meetings with all the nijogs. We have planned for double the crowd of pre-pandemic years,”  informed Samarth Verma, Puri Collector.