Rashmi Rekha Das

The Holy Trinity Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra  and Goddess Subhadra have fallen ill after taking bath with 108 pitchers of herbal and aromatic water on Snana Purnima day. Now the deities are undergoing treatment at the Anasara Gruha. 
Meanwhile, servitors have completed Rahulekha and Chitalagi rituals and will begin the special Phuluri Tela seva to cure the deities from fever. They will apply Phuluri Tela on the entire body of the Trinity during their hibernation for their speedy recovery. 
According to sources, Bada Odia Mutt has the responsibility to supply Phuluri Tela for the deities. The oil is made of flowers such as Ketaki, Malli, Boula and Champa, roots, sandalwood powder, camphor, rice and grains. The main ingredient is Sesame oil. Though the oil is prepared on the fifth day of the annual festival but it is applied on the idols during the hibernation in the next year.
On the making of Phuluri Tela, Bada Odia Mutt Maharaja Bansidhara Das Goswami said “Pure sesame oil, roots of Bena, different fragrant flowers like Jasmine, Jui, Malli and sandalwood powder among 24 ingredients are used for making Phuluri Tela." 
"However, without sesame oil we just cannot make Phuluri oil. . Following the mixture all the ingredients, the Tela is kept in an earthen pot. The pot is sealed with clay and kept in underground. It is prepared on Hera Panchami day and is used during Anasara period the following year. 

During Anasara rituals, the Phuluri oil is sent to the temple for treatment of deities, who fall sick for 14 days after having holy bath on Snana Purnima. This special oil has already been prepared on Hera Panchami day last year and will be applied on the idols. Apart from Phuluri tela, medicinal lotions are also being applied for the recovery of the deities under Osa lagi ritual.”