Suryakant Jena

A group of servitors along with the deity fell down from a chariot during Pahandi ritual of Rath Yatra in Odisha on Friday. 

According to sources, the mishap occurred during the Rath Yatra celebrations at Jarasingha area in Deogaon block of Bolangir district.

The shocking incident captured in the lens of a camera has gone viral on social media platforms.

As per the video, some servitors were duly dismounting the deity from atop the chariot, a ritual called Pahandi. The deity was seen being escorted to the Gundicha Temple when suddenly the stairs underneath caved in causing the servitors to fall down along with the idol. 

While the exact reason as to why and under what circumstances the mishap occurred has not been ascertained, few servitors have reportedly been injured in the incident. 

Sources said the stairs called Charamala were repaired soon after the incident and the Pahandi was conducted again. 

Meanwhile, in Puri,  the most-awaited Hera Panchami ritual will be held in the Sri Gundicha Temple today.

According to tradition, Goddess Laxmi will travel to the Gundicha Temple today evening where she would show her anger over being left behind by Lord Jagannath at Srimandir for a sojourn with his other sibling deities.