Ramakanta Biswas

Mahagauri is the eighth and the most beautiful form of goddess Durga and is worshiped on the eighth day of Navratri. 

This manifestation of the goddess has extreme fair complexion. Maa Mahagauri Upma is given with the flowers of conch, moon and kunda. She is considered to be eight years old. 

As Maa Chaturbhuja and Vrishavahini, her posture is very calm. According to a legend, to get Lord Shiva in her husband's form, the goddess did severe penance, due to which her body turned black. 

When Lord Shiva washed her body with the water of the holy Ganga after being pleased with her penance, she becomes very radiant like white light, and since then she was named 'Mahagauri'.

By worshiping the mother, the impossible task also becomes possible. She is supremely pure and is possessed of infinite virtue. She inspires human beings to do good things and destroys evil. We should always take refuge in her feet.