• Tuesday, October 03, 2023
  • India
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Know the architectural development in India, on this World Architecture Day

Today on World Architectural Day, know the milestone and developments the country made in architecture. It is a day to praise and appreciate the efforts of our architects who made the dreams of citizens and society true. With sustainable architecture, India is looking ahead to serve smart tech-driven infrastructure with futuristic designs.

Odishatv Bureau
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Architectural DevelopmentPhotoPhoto: re-thinkingthefuture.com

On this World Architecture Day, lets know about the architectural development all over the years.

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On World Architecture Day, let's know about what are the developments that happened in architecture and show our gratitude towards the nation builders and architects who designed and created development through infrastructure projects. With society's evolving trends and needs, architects have brought their dreams to reality through innovative designs.

Whether residential or commercial, homes or offices, the architectural development has served all with intelligent and futuristic designs. While offering innovative and smart home automation, tech-based designs consistently get support in the new Digital India. This has redesigned the spaces by upgrading the lifestyles of the citizens. Along with this advanced work on proper ventilation, sanitation, and sanitization especially after the pandemic evolved the architectural needs.

Sustainable Architecture is the future and necessity of today. Recent developments in implementing sustainable strategies have brought up unique effects on indoor and outdoor structures with the element of architecture for decorative as well as structural and functional purposes. The usage of LED and other sustainable products in developmental projects has introduced transformation without any compromise on the price. As cost plays an important role in architecture, cost-effective strategies have supported the development at its best.

The architectural development of Chandigarh is commendable with its establishment which depicts the long-standing urbanistic vision. The sustainable designs have assimilated the eastern plans over living and architecture on the tropical plain. This reflects the beautiful dissonance between planning and architecture, resulting in such significant two-dimensional architectural development. Evolving with its style and substance, Chandigarh can be looked at as a significant milestone in modern Indian architectural development.