Pradeep Pattanayak

This Odia month of Kartik will see both solar and lunar eclipses. The solar eclipse will take place on October 25 during the festivities of Diwali. As per astrology, rituals like ‘Paya Shraddh’, ‘Deepdan’, ‘Kali Puja’, ‘bursting of crackers’ and ‘burning of kaunria sticks’ are set to be performed on October 24.

The timetable of rituals to be performed at Srimandir in Puri has also been chalked out keeping the eclipse in view. After 12 O’clock on Monday night, ‘Dwara Phita’ ritual will be observed. Then, ‘Sakala Dhupa’ between 2.30 and 3 am, ‘Bala Dhupa’ at 4 am, ‘Bhoga Mandap’ at 4.55 am will be performed before the closing of rituals.

Similarly, on Tuesday, ‘Mahasnana’ ritual will be performed after the eclipse and then other rituals will follow. 

The solar eclipse will be at Swati Nakshatra of Libra at 2.15 pm and will reach ‘Sarva Moksha’ at 6.26 pm. The Sun will set at 5.15 pm on Tuesday and there will be no ‘Sarva Moksha’ in Odisha. Hence, the next day (Wednesday), people are advised to have a bath and then go on worshipping gods and goddesses. Thereafter, they can cook food and have them.

For this eclipse, rituals meant for deities will be stopped from 4.58 am on Monday. Similarly, there will be no cooking of food as well.

Prohibited Activities During Solar Eclipse:

  • No worship of gods, goddess
  • No cooking of food items
  • No intake of food items
  • Not to touch any tree
  • Not to discuss any auspicious work
  • Not to open doors and windows
  • No physical relationship between married couple
  • No black clothes for pregnant women
  • No cutting or sewing of clothes

Keep a coconut in the lap and recite the ‘Om Namo Bhagabate Vasudevaya’ mantra. Float the coconut after the eclipse in running water.

The eclipse will have its own impact on zodiac signs.

Here are the zodiacs that will have good results of the eclipse:


You will be dearer to others due to your dedication towards work. You may receive positions in politics. Keeping yourself energetic, you will be able to solve all your problems today.


There may be favourable condition in the business. There will be happiness in the family. You may establish contact with high-ranking people. New responsibilities may come to you.


Your good manners and sweet words will make others happy. It will be auspicious for the students. You are likely to start some new work on the advice of a friend.

Here are the zodiacs that will have mediocre results:


Even if you know everything, you will not be successful. You are likely to lose something. In politics, you can protect yourself by fighting.


All good deeds may follow a slow process. Even if you don't want to, you may be forced to spend more money. Students may not get good results despite hard work.


In business, you will get your work done by spending. Even if the court ruling is in your favour, the hearing may be delayed. You will get insulted for your good deeds for others.


The opponents can do no harm even if they try hard. Even trivial matters can create feelings of resentment. Even if there are family problems, he will take bold steps to solve them.

Here are the zodiacs that will have bad results:


Your anger is likely to cause harm to you. There may be differences of opinion with the wife. You will repent for your negligence. Hope may turn to despair.


You may lose your earned wealth and dignity. The pressure of the higher officers will increase. You may get dragged into unnecessary conflicts. You are likely to be worried about any work.


The work you will do today may be unpleasant. You may suffer from new problems in politics. Chronic illnesses can cause distress.


Physical ailments may appear temporarily. There may be huge delays at work. There may be tension in the family. Be careful there may be road accidents.

The eclipse will have its most adverse impact on Librans. People of Libra with names starting with ‘R’ letter are advised to be careful.

The zodiacs for whom the eclipse is inauspicious are advised not to watch the eclipse. They are advised to recite the Sun’s Gayati mantra to minimize the harmful impact of the eclipse.