Devbrat Patnaik

Kartik Purnima is one of the most awaited occasions in the Odia calendar. The fest celebration features ‘Boita Bandana’, wherein people in large numbers congregate at the banks of rivers and other water bodies to set afloat miniature boats as an acknowledgement to the glorious maritime history of Odisha.  

For two successive years, the pandemic marred the Kartik Purnima celebrations in Odisha as the government imposed restrictions on taking holy bath as well as sailing of miniature boats in water bodies.  

Will the ghats and ponds once again wear a deserted look? Such apprehensions have surfaced because this year, Kartik Purnima coincides with total lunar eclipse, a rare astronomical event when the earth is positioned precisely between the Moon and Sun.  

Timing For Boat-Float

Fancy paper boats haven’t flooded the markets as was the case in the pre-pandemic era. The celestial occurrence has caused damage to the business of boat traders but people are in no mood to let go of the festive spirit. As per astrologers, the auspicious timing to float the boats down the river/waterbodies has been set between 2AM and 5:38AM (November 8). This specific timing was fixed keeping in view the advent of the lunar eclipse nine hours later

Partial eclipse will be witnessed in all parts of the country, but the total lunar eclipse would be visible in eastern belt and some specific regions. 

The lunar eclipse phenomenon will start at 2:39PM and end at 6:19PM. At around 4:29PM the moon will be completely inside earth’s shadow. The total lunar eclipse is expected to end at 5:11PM and eventually the partial eclipse will also end at 6:19PM.

Curbs On Food Consumption

It is being said that consumption of food during a lunar eclipse can have dangerous impacts. Astrologers have suggested to avoid eating anything during eclipse period. They said it is forbidden to cook anything or consume rice between 8:29AM and 6:19PM. 

"It is the last lunar eclipse of the year. The occurrence as per Indian Standard Time (IST) is 2:39PM. But before that, at around 1:32PM, there will be penumbra phenomenon, which will not be witnessed. Even the beginning of eclipse cannot be witnessed in India. The total eclipse will be visible in Odisha from 5:05PM (moonrise time) till 5:11PM. The eclipse will complete disappear around 6:19PM. There is no consequence, whatsoever, if one catches a glimpse of the lunar eclipse with naked eyes," said Subhendu Patnaik, Deputy Director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium in Bhubaneswar.