Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

International Daughters’ Day is dedicated to the daughters in the family. Usually, it is celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday of September. 

This special day is observed to cherish our daughters who bring utmost love and happiness to our lives. People across the globe try to spend some quality time with their daughters to mark the day. They also do something special for them. 

History of International Daughter’s Day

Daughters are often treated as burden in most of the developing countries. In patriarchal societies, it is important to do away with the customs that give more importance to sons over daughters. Though there isn’t a concrete history behind the celebration of Daughters’ Day, it is observed to remind society that our daughters are our joy, and there should not be any discrimination attached to their birth. On this day, people share good wishes with their daughters to make them feel special.

Significance of International Daughter’s Day

International Daughters’ Day gives the message that daughters are no less than sons. They are the greatest gift for a parent.  On this day, parents often make sure that their daughters are extremely loved. The day is observed to fight against the stereotypes of a patriarchal world.

Parents do various things like buying special gifts and extending good wishes to make their daughters happy and feel loved on this special day.

Now-a-days, various social organizations and governments are striving to close the gender gap and provide society with equal opportunity.