Odishatv Bureau

Diwali festivities have begun in earnest in the country. For last-minute shopping, you must be checking out the online sites to get some items delivered to your doorstep. But Diwali is not just about celebrating an occasion, it is about spreading happiness all around. So step out and make this Diwali happy for the small vendors and shopkeepers near you. Light up their Diwali too.

Earthen lamps and kandeels

This Diwali, embrace your traditions by lighting up your home with earthen lamps rather than Chinese lights. The latter may cost you less, but the former is eco-friendly and part of our heritage. You will definitely get these lamps from the vendors who have set up shop near your home or in the shops close by. By buying from them, you will not just boost their business but the country’s economy as well. Just give it a thought and forget about those Chinese fairy lights


Diwali is incomplete without sweets. People usually get carried away by the fancy packaging of those big Diwali hampers containing chocolates, cookies, juices or other packaged foods. In the process, they completely forget the desi mithai of a local halwai. You might think that a Gulab Jamun is more calorie-dense than a chocolate but it is actually the latter that has more calories. Besides, a plate full of gulab jamuns, barfis or kaju katli gives you a sense of festivity or celebration that no box of chocolates does!
Pooja Samagri 

You may turn to online sites to buy pooja samagri. But hold on! All these items are available at a local shop as well. Make a list of items required for the pooja and hand it over to your local shopkeeper. This process will just take a few minutes of yours but will go a long way in filling someone’s Diwali with happiness.

Though buying from local vendors or shopkeepers may take some of your time, but going out, shopping and interacting with people is also a part of Diwali celebrations. With online shopping, you’ll get the products but you will miss out on the festive experience.