Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

With the State gearing up for the Durga Puja festivity, Odisha police has decided to check forcible collection of 'chanda' (donations) for celebrations.

Throwing his weight behind the decision, Cuttack DCP Prateek Singh urged the city denizens on Thursday to come forward and inform about any kind of forceful collection of donations in the name of puja during the ensuing Puja festival.

"We'll keep your identity confidential and take strong action against those unscrupulous elements for collecting chanda," tweeted Singh.

As per sources, police are maintaining a tight vigil to ensure that no one can collect donation from anyone for puja purposes in Cuttack.  

The security personnel are trying their best to ensure zero tolerance and strict action against any kind of forcible collection and extortion in the name of Puja.

Earlier on Tuesday, as many as two persons were arrested on charges of forcibly collecting of Durga Puja chanda (donation), from a businessman in the Millennium City.

A team of Malgodown Police arrested the two members of the College Square Puja Committee named Sarat Kumar Behera and Rakesh Kumar Behera for allegedly forcing a businessman to pay Rs 13,000 as donation for the forthcoming Durga Puja.

Both the accused, a 'dahi bara' seller and a snacks vendor, allegedly threatened the businessman when he expressed his helplessness towards paying the donation amount.

(Edited by Pradeep Singh)