• Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Eating a balanced diet amid COVID-19, Ebola, and other flues and viruses

Viral and bacterial infections are on the rise during the season change. The best way to combat such infections is to build immunity by eating a clean and balanced diet.

Sangati Jogwar
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National Nutrition Week 2023PhotoPhoto: Twitter/Food Corporation of India

National Nutrition Week 2023

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News Highlights

  • The motto of National Nutrition Week 2023 is to create awareness among people about nourishment.
  • Eating a clean and balanced diet can help build immunity and combat deadly viruses.

Viral and bacterial infections are on the rise during the season change. Also due to overall changes in lifestyle and atmospheric conditions, more people have been suffering from infections such as Ebola, Dengue, flu, and of course Corona. Immunity is the most important factor that can help everyone fight such infections lurking around in every neighbourhood. The best way to build immunity is by eating a balanced and healthy diet.

India is celebrating National Nutrition Week 2023 from September 1 to September 7 to increase awareness about nutrition. Here are some tips for ensuring that you daily eat a highly nutritious, clean, and balanced diet.

Nourishing meals should be incorporated into daily diets. You must do your best to include fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains in your daily meal as they help in keeping both mind and body healthy during stressful situations.

Stimulating foods such as alcohol and caffeine as well as refined sugar ramp up your anxiety levels putting stress on your immunity system. That is why you must avoid such foods altogether or at least restrict their intake.

Every now and then you are tempted to eat junk food or desserts. Giving yourself a small treat occasionally is acceptable. But it is when you go overboard and make it quite regular then health problems kick in. So if you want to build up immunity against viruses like Ebola and Corona you must limit the excessive indulgence in refined flour and refined sugar as overindulgence can cause sluggishness and anxiety.

Sugar cravings or stress snacks are the reasons why more often you go out of track while following a clean and healthy diet. The best way to deal with them is to acknowledge them, take a deep breath, and just pass a bit of time. Munching on roasted flaxseeds or sunflower seeds can help you tide over this situation.

Maintain a daily schedule for eating, sleeping, and exercise. It keeps your life free of anxieties and healthy. Eating on time saves you from indulging in snacks at the wrong times.

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