Pradeep Pattanayak

Mathura King Kansa on Friday visited GST office in Bargarh town and imposed a fine of 70 lakh gold coins on the officials for not contributing enough money to the treasury of the kingdom. 

World’s largest open-air theatre, Dhanu Yatra is underway in Bargarh town. During this 11-day-long festival, Bargarh town is transformed into Mathura where demon King Kansa rules. The main attraction of the festival is King Kansa’s ‘Nagara Parikrama’ (going around the city). During this, he spares none, not even the senior administrative officers. If he finds any fault, he immediately announces punishments. 

On Friday, the King was out on Nagara Parikrama. As the flow of money to the kingdom’s treasury has dwindled due to the outbreak of Covid-19, King Kansa along with his courtiers visited the GST office in the town and reprimanded the officials for looking the other way as money is being misappropriated. 

This apart, imposed a fine of 70 lakh gold coins on the GST officials.  

“Due to the pandemic, our treasury has gone dry. This is why he (King Kansa) has come to the GST office to ask the officials to donate some money to the treasury,” said the general of the 'Army'. 

When asked, Maharaj Kansa (Hrishikesh Bhoi, who is portraying King Kansa role in this year’s festival) said, “Our treasury has dried up due to the pandemic. There is no money to buy weapons. I have come to GST office to know from the officers as to how the treasury has gone dry. I came to know that collected money has been misappropriated. So, I have directed them to check such illegal practice. For their fault, I have imposed a fine of 70 lakh gold coins on them.”

In this regard, a GST official said they will follow the advice of the King and try to contribute more to the State exchequer.