Rashmi Ranjan

As many as 57 actors have applied to play the role of demon king Kansa in world famous Bargarh Dhanu Yatra.

According to sources, as many as 223 artists have shown their interest to become a part of the world's largest open air theatre.

While 22 persons have applied to play the role of ‘Mahamantri’, four persons are keen to enact ‘Sartaki’ in the play. Similarly 10 persons have applied for Chanura Mustika, 17 for Akrura, 17 for Basudev, 14 for Narada, seven for Ugrasen, and eight persons for Debaki role.

However, Gopal Sahoo, who used to play Kansa role, and two others were eliminated from the Dhanu Yatra as they have crossed 60 years of age.

The selection of candidates for other roles will be held on November 7, 9 and 10, while the final selection of demon king Kansa will be held on November 10.

“We had released a notification for the selection of actors and received 223 applications. As many as 57 artistes have applied for the Kansa character. The audition will be carried out for three days on November 7, 9 and 10,” informed Mirdha Toppo, additional district magistrate of Bargarh.

“The artistes get a chance to act in the open theatre during Dhanu Yatra. Though I am not much experienced, but I am hopeful that I will get a chance to play a role of Senapati,” said Prabhas Kumar Tripathi, an artiste.

(Reported by Deepak Sharma)