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Apart from going on a shopping spree, a lot of visitors coming to Bali Yatra make it a point to try a variety of mouth-watering delicacies at various stalls.

For many visitors, Bali Yatra is incomplete without the Thunka Puri which is served with chena tarkari and other curry. This year also, a lot of stalls have come up at Bali Yatra selling the delicacy which is quite popular among people of all ages due to its unique taste which is different to the traditional chole bhature.

Must Try At Bali Yatra 2022

Smoke Biscuits

After fire paan, this year smoke biscuit is drawing a huge crowd at Bali Yatra in Cuttack. The liquid nitrogen-infused biscuits creates snowfall like ambience in mouth and you breathe out white puffs of air just like smoke. Be it children or adults, the smoke biscuits are certainly becoming quite popular among all ages of visitors coming to Bali Yatra. It is pertinent to mention here that liquid nitrogen is now being used in many culinary preparations. The cost of one glass filled with smoke biscuits is Rs 50.

“It is a nice experience to try the smoke biscuits. As Bali Yatra is being organised after a gap of two years, we are enjoying every moment spent here,” said a visitor.

Smoke BiscuitsSmoke Biscuits At Bali Yatra

A lot of stalls selling a number of delicacies including popular local cuisines from Odisha –Dahi Bara and other kiosks selling mouth-watering non-vegetarian dishes like prawn and fish chops and mutton biriyani have come up at Bali Yatra.

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Chakuli Mutton

The traditional Odia delicacy - Chakuli with spicy red mutton and aloo curry is also a must-try at Bali Yatra, especially during the wintery evenings along the banks of river Mahanadi. Apart from this, Mudhi Mansa (puffed rice mixed with meat) is also another dish that always is quite popular and must try for the visitors at Bali Yatra.

Chaat & Biriyani

For those on the go, a plate of chaat or biriyani is perfect to make sure that their stomach is filled and walk the little extra mile to cover the entire Bali Yatra groundhopping from one stall to the other.

Dahibara Aloodum

A visit to Cuttack or Bali Yatra is also incomplete without trying the famous Dahibara Aloodum. A plate of piping hot Dahibara Aloodum keeps people and the dish has a huge fan following as well. Dahibara Aloodum is no less than a brand in itself. A spicy delicacy that guarantees a burst of flavours.

Special Food Court At ORMAS

The special food court inside the ORMAS stall is always a major crowd puller during Bali Yatra. This time over 20 stalls have come up at the dedicated food court where visitors can taste a number of mouth-watering dishes from Odisha and other states like Punjab, Rajasthan, and other states as well.

Aapno Rajasthan Stall

Like every year, this year a special stall selling a lot of dishes from Rajasthan has also come up at Bali Yatra. Be it lasun chutney, daal bati churma, pyaz and dal kachori, one can try a variety of spicy dishes at affordable rates here.

Aapno Rajasthan StallAapno Rajasthan Stall at Bali Yatra

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