Rashmi Ranjan

With Bali Yatra round the corner, excitement of denizens of Cuttack has reached the zenith. People seem to be excited to witness the historic annual trade fair which will be organised after a gap of two years due to outbreak of unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.

While preparations have reached final stages, the district administration is leaving no stone unturned to make the annual event a grand affair. The Cuttack Municipal Corporation is coming up with unique ideas to make this year’s Bali Yatra different from others.

With just a few days left for the extravaganza, traders and joyride companies have started to throng the yatra venue and are busy setting up of their shops and installing joyrides. 

However, to enjoy joyrides, the visitors will have spend more this year as the companies have decided to increase the price of tickets. 

As per the revised price, now visitors need to pay Rs 80 per ticket to enjoy any of the available joyrides  as compared to Rs 50 in previous years.

Speaking to this website, Samsad Ali, owner of a joy ride company said, “We have decided to increase the prices of tickets by Rs 30 per ride. Visitors need to pay Rs 80 per ticket during Bali Yatra this year.”

Ali has attributed the price rise to transport cost, staff payment and maintenance.

“Like previous years, Break Dance, Giant Wheel, Dragon, Chamtara, Tora Tora, Octopus will be available for the visitors. A unique joyride Ranger also known as Hammer will be installed during the Bali Yatra. I hope this will be liked by visitors,” Ali added.

For kids we have set up joyrides like small wheel, Mickey Mouse, Boats are name to few, he informed.

When asked about the measure to be followed for the safety of visitors, Ali said, “When we are applying for licence to install joyrides, we need to furnish no objection certificates from local police station, fire station, electrical inspector, R&B mechanical division and Tehsil office. We are making all efforts to maintain safety and security.”

Besides, our staff and officials of R&B mechanical division regularly inspect the joyrides, he added.