Odishatv Bureau

The Armed Forces have lost and continue to sacrifice precious lives in fighting various conflicts the nation has engaged in, as well as while battling the ongoing cross-border terrorism and insurgency. Many have also been left disbled. It's difficult to imagine the trauma that the family experiences when the family patriarch dies.

The services provided by servicemen of the Army, Navy, and Air Force are commemorated on Armed Forces Flag Day. It is possible to make a substantial contribution to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund on Flag Day. 

The AFFDF administration is the responsibility of the Kendriya Sainik Board. The Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF), which was established by amalgamating the following funds into one utilising the "Armed Forces Flag Day Fund," provides funding for the welfare programmes.

1949 saw the creation of the first Flag Day Fund by the Defence Minister's Committee. The accompanying welfare funds, however, were decided to be combined into a single Armed Forces Flag Day Fund in 1993 by the Indian Ministry of Defence. 

However, Flag Day today inspires Indians to take responsibility for the care for and make any contribution to the welfare of the military forces, giving it a considerably larger significance.