Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

On the occasion of auspicious Akshay Tritiya, the construction of chariots for Lord Jagannath and his siblings' annual Rath Yatra began in Puri, on Sunday. 

The rituals began after the Biswakarma and other Maharana servitors brought the divine garland of consent (Agyan Mala) from Goddess Charchika in front of Srimandir before commencing the chariot construction as per the Vedic rituals at the Ratha Khala on the Bada Danda.

Following the rituals, the chariot construction work began with a golden axe.

Meanwhile. the famous Chandan Yatra of Lord Jagannath also commences today. The first phase of the 21-day festival also called the Bahara Chandan Yatra has begun at the Narendra Puskarini. The second phase of the 21-day ceremony will continue inside Srimandir. 

As per age-old traditions, to get relief from the scorching heat, the representative idols of Lord Jagannath and his siblings will enjoy ‘Chappa Khela’ (water sports) on a decorated boat in the pond. The representative idols will be escorted to the pond in a procession on lavishly decorated palanquins, known as bimanas.