Pradeep Pattanayak

This Ganesh Puja stringent action will be taken against puja committees found worshipping distorted idols of the lord. Police Commissioner Saumendra Priyadarshi informed this after the Ganesh Puja preparatory meeting was held in Cuttack on Friday. 

“Today we had a Ganesh Puja preparatory meeting. Cuttack Mahanagar Puja Committee’s Prabhat Tripathy, all members of the Cuttack East and Central peace committees, MLA, and Cuttack Municipal Corporation’s mayor attended the meeting,” Priyadarshi said. 

“There is a High Court order which prohibits worship of distorted Ganesh idols. In line with the direction, we will keep a watch on the design of the idols worshipped. If any committee is found worshipping distorted idols, stringent action would be taken against them,” he added.

“In 2015, the High Court gave a direction that the immersion ceremony should be held on three successive Sundays after the Puja. As per the schedule, the puja will be held on September 19 and the immersion ceremony will be held on September 24, October 1 and 8,” he informed. 

“Discussions were held to streamline the process of getting permissions from the CMC and the police. The meeting also discussed about the illumination and repair of roads during the festive season.  Police will take appropriate steps to maintain law and order situation during puja time. I would like to request the Cuttack residents to celebrate the puja in a peaceful manner,” he added. 

Regarding the collection of puja donations, the Commissioner said, “We have appealed to the puja committees to refrain from collecting donations forcefully. The police department will adopt a zero-tolerance policy.”

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