Mrunal Manmay Dash

The auspicious Magha Saptami witnessed millions of devotees taking holy dip at Chandrabhaga beach in Konark on Saturday.

As per the tradition, the presiding deities of Konark, Lord Tribeniswara, Lord Aisaneswara and Lord Dakhineswara were taken out on a grand procession to the Tirtha Mandap at Chandrabhaga on the auspicious occasion following which the devotees took the holy dip at 4:41am.

This is the first time in two years that the Magha Saptami is being observed without Covid-19 restrictions making the famous Chandrabhaga beach crowded with devotees.

To manage the crowd and maintain law and order, the district administration deployed 30 platoons of police force in Konark.

Speaking on the occasion, Puri Collector, Samarth Verma said, “I am happy with the arrangements here. The rituals have been performed on time. I am thankful to all the servitors and officials who made this Magha Saptami Mela a success in Konark.”

Meanwhile, entry into Konark temple was made free today for visitors by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

On the seventh day of the ‘Magha’ month, devotees usually take a dip in Chandrabhaga with the age-old belief that a plunge in the sacred beach would cleanse them of skin diseases and wash away their sins.

As per the legend, Shamba, son of Lord Krishna, was cured of leprosy after a holy dip in Chandrabhaga on the seventh day of the Hindu month of Magha.

(Reported By Madhusudan Mishra, OTV)