Sanjeev Kumar Patro

News Highlights

  • December 5: Very heavy downpour to drench the Chaar Dham town. The city may record nearly 10cm of rainfall.
  • Gajapati district will bear the Cyclone Jawad brunt on Saturday. 110mm rainfall in the district likely
  • The southern city will record nearly 11 cm of rainfall on December 4.

With the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC) predicting the formation of Cyclone Jawad within 24 hours (by the evening of Friday), and the ace cyclone forecaster in the region, the IMD, predicting the cyclone taking a north-northeast track and running parallel along the coast of Odisha. The forecast chart has just stopped short of predicting the landfall place.

Cyclone Jawad Live Updates: Landfall At South of Puri On Sunday

As the system will move very close to the coast of north Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, the State will witness very heavy rainfall along the coastline. Here is a forecast of rain and wind at frontline places in the State that was to bear the brunt of the cyclone.

State Capital Bhubaneswar

  • December 3: Denizens in the State Capital will wake up to a sunny morning on Dec 3. The skyline will get clouded by the afternoon hours. But as the evening settles down, rains to commence in the Capital city. The Capital City will record over 1cm of rain on Dec 3 night.
  • December 4: No sunny morning. Rather, the intensity of the overnight rainfall will rise steadily. The Capital city will record 1.3 cm of rainfall in the afternoon hours. Overall, the rainfall in the City will be in the range of 3 cm on Saturday. The wind will remain below 20kmph and gusting to stay below 30 kmph.
  • December 5: As per the new development, Sunday will be the rainiest day for the State Capital. Heavy rain will lash the city during the morning and afternoon hours, only to ease down in the evening. The Capital will record over 4 cm rain on Sunday. The wind speed will remain below 40kmph.
  • December 6: Bright sunshine on the skyline, after two days of heavy rain.

Silver City Cuttack

  • December 3: Cuttackites will wake up to see a patchy clouded sky. Rain to commence from evening hours. The city will witness continuous rain in the range of 1cm. The wind speed throughout the day will stay below 20kmph gusting to around 30kmph.
  • December 4: Rains to greet the city denizens on the morning of Saturday. However, the rain intensity will rise in the afternoon hours. The rains will extend through the evening to night hours. City to record around 3cm rain on Saturday.
  • December 5:  Cuttack will wake up to a heavy rainy morning this Sunday. The morning hours will record over 1cm of rain. And the rainfall will rise to around 2cm by the afternoon hours. And the rain in the night hours will also be over 1cm. The city will record 4cm of rainfall that could lead to urban flooding in vulnerable pockets in the city. The wind speed is not to top over 35kmph.
  • December 6: Welcome the sunny days back.

Char Dham Jagannath Puri

  • December 3: The holy town skyline will be clouded tomorrow morning. Very light rainfall is likely in the morning hours. The rainfall intensity will rise as the night settles down. Forecast wind speed below 20kmph. The night will record nearly 3cm of rainfall.
  • December 4: Puri will record heavy rainfall. The pilgrim town will record a whopping 6cm rainfall on Saturday. No significant rise in wind speed.
  • December 5: Very heavy downpour to drench the Chaar Dham town. The city may record nearly 10cm of rainfall. But the morning and afternoon hours to witness the very heavy downpours. The gusting wind speed will be 70kmph. But sustained wind speed will be below 30kmph.
  • December 6: The Sun god will preside over the Puri skyline. Back to normal days.

Silk City Brahmapur

  • December 3: Cloudy sky will greet the Bramhapurites tomorrow. Light rain to start from the afternoon hours. The night will witness 1cm rainfall. No significant change in wind speed.
  • December 4:  Very Heavy rainfall on Saturday. The southern city will record nearly 11 cm of rainfall. Around 2 cm of rainfall in the morning hours itself. Nighttime to record 3 cm rainfall. Wind speed to stay below 30kmph.
  • December 5: The morning and afternoon of Sunday will record nearly 4 cm of rainfall. The rain will taper down in the evening hours.
  • December 6: Sunny weather will be back with a bang.

Tribal Gajapati District

  • December 3: On Friday, the rain will start from the afternoon hours. The intensity will rise in the nighttime. The district will record around 2cm of rainfall tomorrow.
  • December 4:  The district will bear the Cyclone Jawad brunt on Saturday. 110mm rainfall in the district likely. very heavy rain likely in the afternoon and night hours. No significant wind speed in the district was predicted.
  • December 5: Cloudy skyline. But no significant rainfall was predicted.
  • December 6: Dry weather to prevail.