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The nation bears the royal pain as the Disco King Bappi Lahiri breathed his last on Tuesday. Reverentially known as Bappi da, the music wizard from West Bengal, had a golden style. 

The composer of a score of catchiest tunes adorns 7 gold chains, a ring for each finger and a bracelet marked with 'Bappi'. In his Instagram account, the legendary music director had once declared 'Gold Is my God'.

Even though the legendary singer and composer don't need an introduction, years ago the Washington Post captioned "Lahiri's a show in himself" in a review on one of his US concerts. The renowned newspaper had said so for the red-lensed sunglass he had worn, the mullet, black costumes, white-stone studded scarf and, again, golden vest et al.

This is the colourful Bappi Lahiri. His songs too bear that imprint - vibrant, yet not garish. The veteran music composer-singer had composed songs ahead of his time and had made the life of generations quite musical.

Even today, the Millenials dance to the beats of  Booba booba booba booba mahbooba, nayi nayi masti me ,are dil duba, kabhi kabhi pal ye mile hasti me aao jhumo nacho gaao masti me, Jile Le Jile le... This song is featured in the film Tarzan (1986).

Bappi da is known best for gifting synthesised Disco music to Bollywood. Like his composition "Nothing is impossible", the acclaimed music director had established himself as a versatile singer too. 

Remembering one of his melodious tune "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna...," here are the vivid facto-graphy of the music legend - Bappi Lahiri.

His Inspiration For Music

During a talk show years ago, Bappi Da said, "SD Burman and Salil Chowdhury were two of his biggest inspiration. He started listening to their songs at the age of 17 yrs. "Burman Da's songs were melodious and "Din Dhal Jaye" is one of my favourites," he said.

His Competitor

During the interview, the legendary composer said, "I have given songs for 456 movies in different languages including Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, and Marathi. I have also worked in Hollywood movies. By god's grace, I am able to achieve all these. There is no other music director to date with such a record. Though Laxmikant-Pyarelal has worked in several movies, they were two, and my achievement is I am solo." 

The Journey Of Disco King

The iconic music personality is associated with the world of music from the tender age of 4. He played tabla so rhythmically that it drew the attention of none other than Lata Mangeshkar. This indeed had been the beginning of his journey into this world of melody.  

When he was 11 yr old, Bappi had made his first composition. From that age, he had decided to become a composer.

Bappi reminiscing his journey had said during an interview, "1970s was a romantic era and I composed songs for several movies then. The series of blockbusters then began with Zakhmi's 'Jalta Hai Jiya Mera'. There were many of my favourite songs in the 70s."

Disco King Bappi LahiriDisco King Bappi Lahiri

"Ravikant Nagaich came up with the idea of creating something new for a new Bengali actor (Mithun Chakraborty). He insisted on me to create something new so that he should dance like John Travolta," Bappi stated.

"In 1979, I first time went abroad to attend a concert in America. During the trip, I went to a nightclub in Chicago. There I saw 33 records being played together. When I inquired about it, the operator told me it was Disco which in modern-day is referred to as DJ," he added.

"With a focus on creating something new, I created the song  "Mausam Hai Gane ka, Bajane Ka" for Suraksha in 1980, with a music beat. The foundation of Disco Songs was laid with this and then the wave began," he said. 

The pinnacle of Disco witnessed with the most popular number "I am A Disco Dancer.." The Music not only had made Mithun a star overnight, but it had also heralded the 'Disco era' in Bollywood.

The craze for the "Disco Dancer" song still continues, even as Bappi Lahiri in 1986 composed another hit "I am a Street Dancer.." starring Govinda. Like Mithun, this Lahiri number made Govinda a dancing star. 

Above all, who would forget the melodious songs picturised on Big B in Namak Halal - Pag Ghungroo Bandh, Aaj Rapat Jaye To Hamen Na Uthaiyo, Raat Baaki, Baat Baaki and Jawani Jaan-E-Man ..All were not just big hits but are evergreen too. It refreshes the music listeners even today.

Songs, Awards & Achievements

Many were aware that Bappi Lahiri had forayed into Hollywood. But few are aware that apart from bagging the World Record of composing the highest number of songs, he holds another global record! 

Yes, you are reading it right. Jimmy Jimmy... Aaja Aaja.. song from Disco Dancer was dubbed in 45 languages, including foreign languages. A great achievement!

However, down to earth, Bappi said, "Award never mattered to me, my main aim is to please the audience, that's what I am doing."

Emotional Bappi

Disclosing about the song that had created ripples right in his heart, Bappi said, "Manjilein Apni Jagah Hai from Shaarabi struck the emotional cords. After recording the song, Kishore (uncle) and I cried." 

Bappi & Kishore Kumar - The Deep Connection 

Fans are well aware that legendary singer Kishore Kumar was Bappi's maternal uncle (Mama). Bappi considered the iconic singer as his friend and guide. 

"There was just one Kishore Kumar. He came and went away. I have so many beautiful memories of him that I can talk endlessly about him. I really miss him," Bappi had said during an interview.

Bappi Lahiri With Lata Mangeshkar And Kishore KumarBappi Lahiri With Lata Mangeshkar And Kishore Kumar

Singer Kishore Kumar is remembered for his iconic songs and is known for his fun-loving attitude. Remembering the legendary singer, Bappi once said, “The day before he passed away, we were working in the studio. He made all of us, Ashaji (Bhosle), me and others, laugh a lot." 

"When he was resting, I told him, ‘Mama, aaj bahut hasaaya aapne (Uncle, you made us laugh a lot today)’. He said, ‘Jab main chala jaunga toh tum log yaad karoge ki woh kitna hasaata tha (When I won’t be around anymore, you will remember how much I used to make you all laugh)’,” Bappi was quoted as saying.

The composer remembered his Mama with the super hit song of the duo, ‘Yaad aa raha hai tera pyaar’ from 1982 movie Disco Dancer.

Eternal Bappi Da 

When many contemporary music composers are recreating and remixing several songs of the old era, , Bappi used to think of the future and composed the tune of his songs that were ahead of his time, and that still drives the youths crazy; be it a marriage procession or at dance/nightclubs. 

The demise of music doyen is an irreparable loss to the Indian music halls. But like his Giraftar number Karega Jo Bhi Bhalai Ka Kaam, Uska Hi Naam Rahe Jayega, the Disco King will remain forever in the hearts of music lovers.