Poonam Singh

Rocking Star Yash has sent his fans into a frenzy with the much-anticipated announcement of 'Yash 19'. 

The excitement had been building up as eagle-eyed fans noticed him changing his social media Display Picture to 'Loading,' sparking speculation that a major update was imminent.

The moment seems to have arrived sooner than expected, as the pivotal title announcement for 'Yash 19' is scheduled for December 8th at 9:55 am. KVN Productions, the backers of the film, will share intriguing update through their social media handles on the specified date.

Sharing the update on X, Yash wrote, “It’s time… 8th December, 9:55 AM. Stay tuned to @KvnProductions #Yash19”.

The Rocking Star's fan base is abuzz with anticipation and relief as the long-awaited announcement signifies that the project is now in motion.

Here are some of the fans reactions: 

Yash, known for his patience, has been encouraging fans to wait, assuring them that every day has been dedicated to crafting something special. The special treat, he has meticulously put together, will finally be unveiled in just a couple of days.