Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Karnataka Film Industry’s Rocking Star Yash scripted history and made it to the global platform with the KGF franchise and his iconic character Rocky Bhai. Both the chapters of the KGF franchise left an ever-lasting impression in the minds of movie lovers. Helmed by Prashanth Neel, the KGF series broke several barriers and made it big at the box office.

Fans are well aware of the efforts that Yash made for KGF’s pan-India release. However, recently, a video emerged on social media in which Yash has revealed several interesting anecdotes related to the movie as well as his personal life.

In the video titled,”60 Seconds With Yash,” the KGF actor can be seen answering the queries made by anxious fans. 

Yash begins the session with, “Hi guys, this is 60 seconds with Yash. And this is questions of fans.” A glass bowl full of folded papers can be seen on a table right beside Yash.

He picks up the first chit from the bowl to start the session. 

The first question flashes on the screen: What is the weirdest thing a fan has requested you to sign?

Recalling an incident, Yash said, “Once a fan came up to me and he wanted me to sign on his arm. So I asked him, ‘Why don’t you get a paper, at least you can keep it and save it.’ He said, ‘Anna, it will be saved.’ Next day he comes with a tattoo on his my autograph has been tattooed on his arm.” 

The next question read: Do you have anything in common with Rocky?

“Yeah!! I go around with a lot of attitude,” Yash replied.

Below is the series of questions asked by fans and Yash’s replies.

Q: Why did you agree to do this film?

Yash’s reply: Pet ka sawal hai! (Have to do for the sake of bread and butter). You have to work. You have to keep working as an actor. If not, kya karenge? (What shall I do if not work?)

Q: Did you do any special preparation for this film?

Yash’s reply: Dadhi badhana pada. (I had to grow a beard)

Q: Any tips for growing a beard?

Yash’s reply: Sirsasana. When you do sirsasana, your beard grows quicker.

Q: What time period does the film take place in?

Yash’s reply: The movie was set in the 70s and 80s.

Q: What were you doing when you got the call for this film?

Yash’s reply: Kapde dho raha tha. (I was washing clothes)

Q: If not acting, what you would be doing for a living?

Yash’s reply: Swamiji or Guruji

Q: A villain’s line from KGF that you would like to steal?

Yash’s reply: So, you guys will be surprised if I say this, I am the biggest villain in KGF.

Q: Candlelight dinner or date on a beach?

Yash’s reply: Date on a beach because my wife likes beach.

Q: Will you go out on a date with a fan?

Yash’s reply: No, I am married.

Well, Yash has won the hearts of his fans with such replies which is evident from the flooding comments and likes for the post.

Undeniably, fans across the country are eagerly waiting to watch Yash’s next. While it has been officially announced that Yash will be next seen in ‘Toxic’, reports are abuzz that he has been roped in for essaying the role of Demon King Ravana in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana. However, there has been no confirmed report yet. On the other hand, fans are eagerly waiting for updates on KGF Chapter 3.