Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The recent announcement of Alia Bhatt's pregnancy has filled joy among the couple, Kapoor khandan, fans and well-wishers. Both Ranbir Kapoor and Alia seem to be quite excited to welcome their new family member. 

On the other hand, the media is abuzz with speculations if Alia will continue working in films after being a mom. Even many have raised questions if Ranbir and his family would allow Alia to work in films after being promoted as a mom.

However, dotting husband Ranbir has something else to say. After knowing what Ranbir said, many will get flattered and respect for him will certainly get more.

Breaking the stereotype, Ranbir said, "Alia is a very busy working star in this film industry and I don't want her to sacrifice her dreams because she has a child."

Further, he went on to add, "So, we have to somewhere plan out a balanced life where we both can enjoy our personal life and our professional life, so, it is one day at a time, one step at a time, but I have a lot of expectations from it."

Well, such a statement from Hubby is something that would have elated Alia. Isn't it?

History tells us, after being a mother, several A-listed actresses of the Indian film industry have backed out from the league. Focused on their personal life, many have preferred to quit acting, while some of them broke the stereotypes to begin their 2nd innings. However, some succeeded, while some failed. 

Alia has a rich history as an actress with several blockbusters in which she has showcased her potential of carrying the movie on her shoulders. At such a young age, only a few have succeeded to achieve the pinnacle. Backing off from the race could cost Alia huge. On the other hand, she is already committed to several other projects.

Brahmastra will mark the first onscreen pairing of the lovebirds. As everyone knows well, "Brahmastra: Part One Shiva" is the first part of the series, Alia will certainly continue as Isha in the sequels as well. 

So, such a statement from hubby Ranbir is certainly relaxing for fans of Alia. The Raji girl will continue her magic onscreen and keep entertaining one and all for a long run . 

What do you think? Will the audience continue to shower love for Alia while she continues to showcase her acting skills like in Gangubai Kathiawadi, after being a mom?