Poonam Singh

Radhika Apte’s ‘Mrs Undercover’ has been garnering rave reviews after its direct release on OTT. The actress played an undercover spy and a homemaker ‘Durga’ in the movie.

Recently, a clip from the movie has gone viral on social media which highlights the work of a housewife.

It's no secret that housewives, especially in India, have some of the most difficult and strenuous responsibilities. And yet, they're neither compensated through monetary benefits nor through the bare minimum recognition or respect a working individual garner.

A clip from the movie highlights how a housewife’s work is not counted even if she does everything without any appreciation or wanting anything in return. However, if for one day she stops doing her work then the whole house will come to a halt.

In the clip, Radhika aka Durga is seen having dinner with her husband at a restaurant, where Durga’s handler played by actor Rajesh Sharma, as a waiter comes to their table and asks to Radhika’s on-screen husband what she does which he says she is just a housewife.

Following this, the waiter highlights how a housewife is not just a housewife but she is special.

The clip took no time to go viral with several netizens especially women relating to the clip.

The clip was shared by a page called motivation.thoughts on Instagram with the caption, “Housewife special होती है (with a red heart emoji)." Since being shared, the clip has garnered over 16.6 Million views and 1.6 million likes, with most netizens lauding for highlighting the work of a housewife.

An Instagram user replied to the clip with, " Well this is damn true" while another wrote, " Vry true ...Bt yeh baat har koi nhi samjh pata ...".
A third user wrote, “10000000000%right.”