Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan boasts of a huge fandom across the country as well as overseas. Though several of his recent movies have bombed at the box office, his loyal fans have never left his side. The craze for his upcoming Tiger 3 , also starring Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi says it all. 

Salman got dubbed by his fans as the box office king until a few of his recent movies got brutally trolled. The movies include Tubelight, Race 3, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, and Antim. Nevertheless, YouTubers have ample content inspired by Salman Khan as well as his movies. 

YouTube has a huge stock of videos and spoofs based on Salman and his movies. Even one can find several spoof videos based on Race 3. But, this video we are talking about not just drew the attention of online viewers but Salman himself was highly ‘impressed’ with the creativity of the team. 

The clip is from Dus Ka Dum hosted by Salman Khan. The host addressing the audience said, “Before starting the show, I would like to show you a clip of Race 3, the new one.”

However, Sallu had an evil smile on his face. Soon after the Race 3 trailer started with Salman’s voice in the background, he started laughing his heart out. Even other persons sharing the stage with him are seen laughing. 

The spoof of Race 3 trailer was made by an Odisha-based YouTuber team with their channel name ‘OYE: Odisha Youngsters Entertainment’. 

The characters in the spoof are seen with bicycles, toy guns, cars, and helicopters. The YouTubers used these props for hilarious yet interesting stunts that will certainly tickle the funny bones of any person. As the video continued, Salman was seen laughing uncontrollably. 

Salman said, “I saw this on my way here today. I saw it in the car, someone send it to me. I’ve died laughing. But, hats off yaar, amazing. Some kids from Odisha have made this. How sweet,”

“The best shot was daisy…,” he added and again laughed and wiped his eyes.