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  • Nora Fatehi believes that everyone is replaceable.
  • That is why she never takes a break from work.

Nora Fatehi is a renowned name in the entertainment world of India. Be it Bollywood dancing or judging reality dance shows, she is a hot favourite. Nora Fatehi's dance numbers like Saki Saki and Dilbar Dilbar continue to be a rage even after completing more than 5 years of their releases indicating that she has indeed made a remarkable mark on the Indian entertainment industry.

During one of her interviews, the famous Canadian celebrity discussed how the Saki Saki song that made her so famous was also the reason why she continues to have to undergo physiotherapy after all these years. Discussing the backflip that became a signature move of the song Nora Fatehi said, “It was such a tough step that I had to do physiotherapy from the effects I mean. 5 years of physiotherapy. It is crazy but it is one of my favourite steps. I think that step really got people thinking like what she is doing.”

Always have a physiotherapist on standby

The Madgaon Express actress said that she had been injured with every song she has done and has to keep some physiotherapist on standby. On the success that she has achieved after going through so much struggle and even getting cheated by an agency, Nora said, “It feels great. At that time I believed in myself irrespective of what was happening I made it happen. Now I have some other goals and some big dreams. Now I am like if I was able to do it then I will definitely be able to do it now no matter what is going to come my way moving forward.”

All the success has increased her self-belief and her confidence. Nora Fatehi said that she looks upon herself as an all-round performer and an entertainer who is a dancer, an actress, a public figure, a name in fashion and makeup.

Don’t want to take a break - Nora

She believes that everyone is replaceable and that is why she never takes a break because if she does they can replace her anytime. About feeling burnt out, she just cries, heals, and moves on. For Nora being workaholic and obsessed with work is her biggest addiction. The Street Dancer 3 actress said, “My obsession for wanting to go higher and higher and set so many goals and then achieve those goals. It is a high that I get.” And she believes that the adrenaline rush that she gets after achieving these goals is her addiction.

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