Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

It's been 14 days since the Nightingale of India, Lata Mangeshkar, left for her heavenly abode. The country is yet to overcome the irreparable loss. 

Lata didi has left behind a long trail of iconic songs which will be reminisced forever. The legendary singer ruled the chartbuster for over decades impressing many generations in succession. 

The mesmerising voice fell silent on February 6 when she was 92.

However, many may not be aware that the iconic singer, who crooned several memorable songs, earlier was poisoned which affected her singing career. During an interview several decades back, Lata Didi revealed that in 1963 she was poisoned slowly at the age of 33. She felt very sick and couldn't get down from her bed. Even the situation worsened when she could barely move from her bed on her own.

“We Mangeshkars don’t talk about it, as it was a terrible phase in our life. The year was 1963. I began to feel very weak, and could barely get up from my bed. It came to a point where I couldn’t move on my own," Lata was quoted as saying by National Herald.

Lata said it was confirmed that she was being poisoned slowly and it took her about three months to recover, as per the report. 

Though rumours were abuzz that Lata won't be able to sing, she proved everyone wrong with her comeback after 3 months. It was confirmed that poison was mixed in her food. Following the incident, her cook left the job without taking the salary. After such a disturbing revelation, lyricist Majrooh Sultanpuri used to taste the food every day before it was served to Lata Didi. 

The melody queen refuted the rumours that she had not lost her voice. However, a daily publication claimed that after recovering, she went for recording but couldn't sing. Lata even had insisted the music director to carry on with some other singer. But, the music director was stubborn enough to wait for Lata and recorded the song after she pulled around completely. 

Lata's last official full-fledged song was from Veer-Zaara. However, all the songs she lent her voice for decades back will remain forever in the hearts of music lovers.